Steering & Suspension Repair

Steering & Suspension Repair in Omaha NE

Your vehicle’s steering & suspension system must be in excellent condition in order to maintain a comfortable, smooth ride and superior handling. Both of these systems help you stay in control of your vehicle and ensure smooth handling around turns and on rugged roadways. If your steering & suspension aren’t performing the way they should be, contact the team at West Omaha Auto Service for help.

Suspension Repair Omaha

The suspension system in a vehicle converts forward energy that’s created by bumps, dips, or other uneven surfaces on the road into vertical energy. This energy travels up the vehicle frame and absorbs the “shock” so that you don’t feel it when you drive. However, these components may become worn out or damaged over time and create issues for drivers. Coil springs and shocks are there to lessen the impacts of road force, but they can wear out or weaken as time goes on. If you drive erratically or participate in off-road driving, your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems will likely need attention much more often than the average driver. Our ASE-certified techs have the tools, equipment, and skills needed to determine exactly what’s going on with your vehicle and whether or not you’ll need a simple adjustment or a more complicated part replacement.

Some warning signs of suspension trouble include:

  • Extreme shaking or your steering wheel vibrates whenever you drive at high speeds
  • Your vehicle feels like it’s always off-center or feels like it’s veering to the right or left side of the road
  • It’s more difficult to turn corners due to a “stiff” steering wheel
  • You notice that your car is bouncing or swaying whenever you drive over bumps or hit the brakes
  • Uneven tire wear (most often associated with misaligned wheels)

If you’ve driven over potholes lately, it can cause serious damage to the components of your steering and suspension system. This wear and tear will eventually reduce the stability of your vehicle, and it can make it much more difficult for you to remain in control. Don’t let your car’s suspension system problems go ignored. If you notice any of the warning signs listed above, it’s important to have the problem addressed as soon as possible. Schedule a service appointment with us, and we’ll help you make things right.

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