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Brake Repair in Omaha NE

When it comes to safety on the road, your braking system is one of the most crucial components of your vehicle. If you’re concerned about brake troubles, you need to find a mechanic you can trust. At West Omaha Auto Service, our ASE-Certified technicians will make sure that your brakes are in optimal working condition. We offer a range of brake repair services in Omaha, NE, so you can get back on the road safely as soon as possible.

Brake Service Omaha

If you suspect that your brakes need attention, take them into our Omaha, Nebraska location today. We can perform a complete inspection and check all of the components of your brakes including brake fluid levels, drums, rotors, and pads. If your rotors are still in fairly decent shape, we can perform a rotor resurfacing. In some cases, your brake troubles may just be a matter of low fluid levels. Whatever the reason, we can perform a range of brake services to help you get back to safe driving.

Brake Repair Omaha, NE

The more often you drive your vehicle, the more pressure and friction you put on your brakes. As time goes on, the friction and heat can build up and wear down vital components of your car’s braking system. Whether it’s the brake shoes, brake pads, rotor, or calipers, let us help you determine exactly what repairs are required. There can be many signs that your vehicle is experiencing brake trouble and could need repairs ASAP, including:

  • Unusual or very loud screeching, grinding, or squealing noises when you hit the brakes
  • A “spongy” feeling, or it feels like you need to push down further on the brake pedal to slow down or stop
  • Smoke and/or odors whenever you brake
  • Visible signs of leaking fluid under your vehicle when it’s parked (this could be any type of fluid including brake fluid)

Brake Pad Replacement

The most common form of brake trouble is when the brake pads are completely worn down. If this is the case, West Omaha Auto Service can replace your brake pads in a jiffy. This simple repair is highly effective at ensuring that your brakes are working the way they should. We will determine how badly the pads are worn, then remove the old pads and install new ones according to your specific vehicle’s requirements. We work on all makes and models, so we can easily replace your brake pads as needed.

Brake Repair Near Me

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