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Your vehicle is one of the biggest and most important investments you’ll ever make, and that’s why regularly scheduled preventative maintenance is so important. With the right maintenance plan, you can protect the lifespan of your vehicle and keep it running smoothly. From oil changes and brake services to belt replacements, the ASE-Certified technicians at West Omaha Auto Service offer auto maintenance services in Omaha, NE for every make and model. Contact us today for all of your vehicle maintenance needs and we’ll make sure that your car keeps you safe and happy.

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The process of preventative maintenance involves caring for and protecting your vehicle from the possibility of major issues and costly repairs later. Without regular maintenance, you could end up broken down on the side of the road or end up having to foot the bill for extremely expensive repairs, towing, and more. All vehicles have specially designated maintenance intervals that will help to improve the durability, performance, and even the resale value of your vehicle if you decide to sell it in the future. A variety of factors can affect your vehicle’s performance such as aggressive driving, short commutes, stop-and-go traffic, carry or towing heavy loads, and even extreme weather changes. That’s why regular auto maintenance in Omaha, NE is so important.

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At West Omaha Auto Service, we offer a range of maintenance services for your vehicle including:

  • Belt and Hose replacements: If the hoses or belts in your vehicle are worn out, we’ll get them replaced before a minor issue turns into a major problem.
  • Brake service: Don’t let your brakes get worn out before you have them serviced. Let us inspect your vehicle’s braking system and repair or replace any worn down parts as needed.
  • Air Filters: We can easily replace a dirty or clogged air filter. This is a simple yet extremely important maintenance task that can extend the life and improve the performance of your vehicle.
  • Oil and filter changes: Regular oil changes protect your engine, keep it lubricated, and prevent overheating so you can avoid costly repairs.
  • Fuel injector cleaning: Clogged or dirty fuel injectors can really limit your vehicle’s ability to perform. With regular fuel injector cleanings, your engine will run the way it should.
  • Seasonal checkups: From spring to winter, have your vehicle inspected when the seasons change for best results. We will check the car’s heating and AC system as well as things like fluid levels, battery power, and windshield wipers so you can head into the new season confidently.

For all of your vehicle repair and maintenance needs, contact the pros at West Omaha Auto Service today!

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