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In order to keep your engine properly lubricated and running smoothly, regular oil changes must be performed to ensure good preventative maintenance. An oil change is essential to prevent excess wear and tear on your engine, and to keep it from overheating. If you’re in need of an oil and filter change, bring your vehicle to the pros at West Omaha Auto Service today. We’ll get your motor oil changed fast so you can get back on the road in confidence.

Oil Change West Omaha NE

If you live in Omaha, Nebraska, or the surrounding areas, you can trust the experts at West Omaha Auto Service for your vehicle preventative maintenance needs. We service all makes and models, and our ASE-Certified technicians will know exactly what type of motor oil works best in your vehicle. There are many benefits to getting your oil changed on a regular basis, including proper lubrication for the many moving parts inside your engine. The more you drive, the more debris, grime, and buildup will accumulate in the oil, which can lead to major engine troubles later.

The heat from your engine causes the motor oil to break down. Over time, this oil can no longer move through your engine the way it should in order to do its job. Clean oil moves quickly through your engine to keep everything cool and lubricated. If you’re not sure when you should get oil changes, refer to your vehicle owner’s manual. It should indicate the recommended intervals at which you should have an oil change performed. However, if you drive a lot, at fast speeds, or under rugged conditions, you may need an oil change more often. Contact our team to find out more about the best schedule for your specific vehicle.

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When you get an oil change from West Omaha Auto Service, we will lubricate the chassis and all of the internal framework. We’ll remove the old oil filter and replace it with a new one, and drain the dirty oil from your engine. New, clean oil will be added so that your engine can run smoothly and stay cool until your next scheduled oil change. Once we’re done, your vehicle should be running safely, quietly, and smoothly so you can drive worry-free.

For all of your vehicle repair and maintenance needs, contact the pros at West Omaha Auto Service today!

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